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A Day in the Life of a Pre-Schooler as seen through the Eyes of a Child

When I get to nursery in the morning I am greeted at the front door by Gabby, Laura or Gill.  They always give me a happy and bright hello.  This makes me happy as it is nice to see a smiley face in the morning.


When I first arrive I put my coat and bag in the cloakroom after marking my peg with a name balloon.  This is one of the times I take part in self-registration throughout the day. This is helpful to me as I will become accustomed to how my name looks and will give me some independence.

Pre-schoolers have a writing table, computer, books, dressing up, messy play and lots of fun things to do at Jungle Monkeys Nursery in Ilford, EssexPre-schoolers have a writing table, computer, books, dressing up, messy play and lots of fun things to do at Jungle Monkeys Nursery in Ilford, Essex

I will then put my indoor shoes on.  I have to have shoes on in case I have to leave quickly.  I have a separate pair for inside and outside so the germs from outside are kept out.  It also means the nursery is kept cleaner and I get to wear my favourite slippers all day.

If I am early enough I will have some breakfast.  There is a different breakfast offered every morning ranging from cereal to porridge and omelettes.

When we go into pre-school’s room we sit down for circle time.  We sing our ‘hello song’ and say what are names are.  We also put or names on the name board and say what the date is.  We do this to welcome everyone in the morning and to practice saying our names of the days and the months.  We also practice counting as a group.  We do this as another way to self-register and we really enjoy sticking our names on the board.  It is good to see which one of my friends are in today.

Pre-schoolers play, talk, do maths work together with teachers from Jungle Monkeys Nursery in Ilford, EssexPre-schoolers play, talk, do maths work together with teachers from Jungle Monkeys Nursery in Ilford, Essex

After carpet time we take part in a literacy or numeracy activity.  These activities range from writing some letters in our name to counting items or comparing sizes with compare bears.  These activities do not last long as I may get a little restless so very soon I am told that I can go and play.

During this time I can choose from four or five activities that have been set up in the room.  They are based on the seven areas of learning.  I sit at a table or carpet and take part in whatever activities I like the best.  If I do not like one I can ask an adult if I can get something else out.  I have to put something away first though.  This gives me some ownership in the room and allows me to have some independence.


We have a garden that we can use.  When we are out there we can play with the bats, balls and cars.  There is also a sand pit and climbing frame.  We do lots of physical activities out in the garden and when it gets dark we can play with torches.  When the weather is a bit horrible we can use the big hall where we can do all the same activities.


We have 3 meals during the day, breakfast, lunch and dinner.  These are always cooked meals and they are yummy.  I can eat everything but some children cannot eat meat so there is always a vegetarian option as well as choices to meet every dietary need.  We also have snack twice a day and this is usually fruit.  This helps us to keep our energy levels high so we can carry on playing. 


In the afternoon we repeat many of the things that have taken place in the morning but the activities on the tables are different.  By doing this, my friends who have been here all day do not get bored of playing with the same things.  It also builds a routine that will enable me to feel more relaxed, comfortable and confident in the room.


Sometimes we go on trips to fun places such as adventure playgrounds, large snow globes and animal parks.  We travel in a big mini bus and the adults look after us while we are out.


It is time to go home too soon sometimes but I know that I will be able to come back again very soon.

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“The staff support children's development and learning effectively. They check how well they achieve and plan purposeful activities. All children make good progress.”

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