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A Day in the Life of a Toddler through a Child's Eyes

When I come to Jungle Monkeys Nursery in Ilford, Essex, we hang up my coat on my special peg; I then help mummy or daddy take my shoes off and put them in our special box. I pick up my slippers and try to put them on by myself. I kiss my mummy or daddy goodbye and head off to wash my hands with a grown up ready for breakfast. I can feed myself and help pour my own drinks.

Then it’s time to play; there are different, fun activities I can choose from. I read stories and sing songs with my friends and grown ups. A grown up comes to change my nappy, and I sit on the potty, wash my hands and go to take part in some more fun activities.

Fruits are served during snack time at Jungle Monkeys Nursery in Ilford, EssexFruits are served during snack time at Jungle Monkeys Nursery in Ilford, EssexMy grown up tell me there is 5 more minutes left for tidy up time. My friends and I are now tidying up. We go to the bathroom to wash our hands for snack time. We come back to the table and find our placemats with our individual photos on them; we now sit down and enjoy our snack.

My grown up takes us to the bathroom after snack time and helps me wash my hands, I really enjoy washing my hands because I feel independent washing and drying my hands by myself. We are not lining up at the door to get our coats to go outside in the garden. Outside there are lots more fun activities to help me learn. There is a writing area, sand, bikes, balls and messy play as well as lots of other exciting toys. Whilst I am playing with my friends, the grownups ask us questions, give us instructions and write down what we do. This goes into my learning journey so my grown up can share with my mummy and daddy what I can do and things I need help with. Our grown up tells us we have 10 minutes to go, we start tidying up after 10 minutes and slowly go inside to put our slippers on. We go inside. Our grown up prepare lots of fun activities for us and we sit down and take part in different activities. We have a story with our grown up, she makes different voices and faces when she reads to us, I really like it. My grown up tells me its time to wash hands so we all go to the bathroom take turns to wash hands. We now sit down for lunch.

At lunchtime, we sit down the grown-ups count with us to see how many children there are sitting at the table. Our lunch come in different colored bowls and plates depending on our dietary requirements. Once we have eaten our lunch and washed our faces we go for a nap. I sleep on in the bed and I have my own blanket to keep me warm. Sometimes my grown up reads a story to me or sings songs but so often I am so tired from all the activities I have done I fall asleep all by myself.

In the afternoon, there are activities from painting, junk modelling to matching games for the children at Jungle Monkeys Nursery in Ilford, Essex.In the afternoon, there are activities from painting, junk modelling to matching games for the children at Jungle Monkeys Nursery in Ilford, Essex.

When I wake up there is always a grown up there to give me a big cuddle and to make me feel safe. We have some healthy snack to help keep us healthy. In the afternoon there are more activities for me to choose from like painting, junk modelling, dressing up, and matching games. It is time for the grown up to change my nappy again.

Soon it is teatime and I sit with all my friends and talk about all the activities we have done during the day at Jungle Monkeys Nursery in Ilford, Essex. Sometimes when I am eating tea my mummy or daddy comes to pick me. A grown up tells them everything that I have done today and what I have achieved. I change into my shoes, put on my coat, wave goodbye to all my friends and look forward to coming back to play and learn again soon.

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“The staff support children's development and learning effectively. They check how well they achieve and plan purposeful activities. All children make good progress.”

“Children's early mathematical understanding is encouraged well. They show interest in shapes and sizes. Older children begin to add and count numbers.”

“Older children develop their literacy skills well. They know the alphabet and some can write their first names”

"The nursery fosters meaningful partnerships with parents who speak highly of the impact the nursery has had on their children's care and learning."


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